About Me

I’m Vanessa and I like to think that I’m the Voguish part of Voguish & Calamity.  I call my husband Calamity because of his innate ability to find and create disasters and get into all sorts of calamities.

I love fashion, he loves chess.  We both love food. Quite a lot.   He has no part in writing or creating this blog, apart from giving me some amusing material to write about.

I learned to make dresses at a young age thanks to growing up with two wedding dress makers (grandmother and mother).  This meant I was designing my own clothes from the age of eight, because there was always someone willing to make it for me.   It definitely was not much of a surprise to anyone when I went on to study clothing design at Elizabeth Galloway’s Academy of Fashion.

As a Product Developer and Buyer, I was constantly in the shops doing competitor shopping, looking for inspiration and being aware what other  brands were doing.  Apart from my love (some might say obsession)  for shopping, I have been doing it professionally for many years.   In 2009, after having the first of my two offspring, I did a personal styling course in order to adapt my skills from working with brands to working with individuals.

Calamity says that our house is one big Dress-up Box (like this is a bad thing?).  Many friends look at me and say: “you have so many clothes, where do you put it all?” (under the bed, in the loft, any free space I can find), but he truth is that I can find  things in my wardrobe that work with the new trends, always finding ways of making  old items look new.  You don’t need to spend a fortune or buy an entire new wardrobe to be fashionable.  If you are looking for help with your styling, have a look at my personal styling page.

Growing up, I was an avid reader and alongside working in fashion, had dreams of  being a writer.  I am combining all my skills and passions in the pages and posts of this blog.


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