Spring Summer 2019

Spring Summer 2019 Colours and Trends

Back by popular demand – an overview of the upcoming season’s colours to help you organise your wardrobe, be more creative with what you already have and shop with a clear plan and focus.  So here it is, your guide to Spring Summer 2019 colours.  Just in time for you to organise your summer wardrobe as the days lengthen and a few glimmers of sunshine gives us hope of the warmer weather to come.


The Spring Summer 2019 Pantone Colours


Spring Summer 2019 Colours


As with the Autumn Winter colour blog, look for any items in these colours in your wardrobe, whether they are mixed into florals or solid colour items.  Do they fit, would you wear them, do you love them?   What stopped you from wearing them?  Perhaps you just didn’t have enough to go with them?

Of course, there is no need to discard clothing that is not in these colours.  If you love them, and they make you feel good,  keep them and wear them. However, this is the palette that has driven the design of the majority of clothing that will be delivered into your favourite shops over the coming months.  Matching existing items to these colours in your wardrobe will help you make smarter choices when shopping.

Spring Summer 2019 Core Colours

The bottom four colours from the Spring Summer 2019 palette are your core colours.

Spring 2019 Core Colours

Invest in trousers, jackets, jeans and your core tops and shirts in this area.  Classic items that you can mix with all your fashionable items.

The Challenging Colours

According to a poll on Instagram, the colours that scared you the most were Toffee and Pepper Stem.

If Toffee is not your first choice of colour to wear, consider using it for your shoes and handbags. You might even notice the more traditional tan shoes and handbags leaning towards this colour, so it might be easier than you think.  It’s not the right colour for everyone’s skin tone, but its perfect as an accent colour to your neutrals in the form of an accessory.

Pepper stem could come in the form of a pair of khaki trousers.  You might have a pair of trousers in a shade somewhere between the Terrarium Moss and Pepper Stem.  If it’s not an exact match to either, it doesn’t matter, it will still work with the colours in the palette.

If there is a  colour that just doesn’t work for you, steer clear of it, or look for it in a subtle print that can be used alongside your core basics.


Key Trends for Spring Summer 2019

A Whole Lot of Beige

Beige on Beige

Photo: Kim Weston Arnold | Indigital TV
Beige on Beige

You might have noticed a bit more beige around this season, so this one is probably no news.  Can you do beige on beige? Head to Toe?

Lace for All Mankind

Lace and texture, mixing feminine and masculine shapes It takes a departure from formal to be styled into casual looks with blending it with androgynous shapes.

Spring 2019 Trends

Photo: Indigital
Lace, colour, and texture


Dream of Californication

Shark Fever, Tie Die and Neoprene Fabrics.  I don’t see this being commercially strong for the older generation, although some of the tie-dye prints may well appeal to all ages.  I’m definitely not swanning around in a wetsuit any time soon.

SS19 Trends

Photo: Indigital
Orange Tie Dye has some appeal


Craft and Crochet

Handwork, patchwork, and seventies inspired crochet. Once again mixtures of texture with a boho feel.

Spring Summer 2019 Trends

Photo: Yannis Vlamos | IndigitalTV



Colourful Suits

Emerging fast, I’m sure you have seen this already.  And what better spring zing whilst waiting for the weather to get warmer?

Yellow Suit

Photo: Indigital


Print and More Print

Floral prints have been popular for a while, but the obsession continues with head to toe prints and bold pattern clashes.  And not just florals.  If it’s printed all over, we want it.  Make it a prairie dress and you’re hot on the Spring Summer 2019 trends.

SS19 Print and Florals Catwalk

Photo: Indigital


Shoulders and Sleeves

Our love for a sleeve detail gets bigger and better.  Throw in a  statement hat and your SS19 ready.

SS19 Erdem Big Shoulders

ERDEM SS19 Photo: Indigital

Big Bows

Bows on clothes, shoes, and everything.  The bigger the better.

If you don’t want to invest too heavily in this new trend, why not add your own to existing clothes?  If you don’t like sewing, use a scarf instead.

SS19, Bows, Fashion, Erdem

Photo: Indigital


Acid Wash Denim

The love for the ’80s stays strong with this trend injected into SS19. Are we very old if we remember wearing this the first time around (with big bows in our hair)?  I think Madonna was my style icon back then before Carrie Bradshaw hit the style radar.

Isabel Marant Acid Wash Denim SS19

Photo: Indigital


Boiler Suits

I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that, although I like jumpsuits, the boiler suit trend, especially the heavy denim ones, wants to send me running for a spanner. If like me, this doesn’t match your style type, look for jumpsuits which have a good structure and tailored sleeves.  It will last several seasons and double as workwear and weekend wear.

Boiler Suits SS19

Photo: Monica Feud |Indigital

Bicycle Shorts

I’d like to see a show of hands.  Who’ll be rocking this trend? Perhaps your favourite trendy influencers, but not you?  Let’s be honest, it’s not going to work for everyone.  Instead, look for some nice tailored shorts in a length that suits your comfort zone, and wear it with blazers or shirts for a more fashionable touch.

Chanel Cycling Shorts SS19

Photo: Getty Images


All the Trimmings

Move over sequins, and hello fringe and all things tassel fantastic. This is the direction that you will see partywear going over the coming months.  If you don’t have fancy events to go to or no need for this glamorous look, why not add some fringe or feathers to a cardigan to wear with jeans.  Someone over here might already have this idea in work (watch this space).

Gucci Fringe Dress SS19

Photo: Indigital


That’s your brief SS19 overview.  Keep this all in mind whilst doing your wardrobe edit for the new season. Don’t discard things you love to wear because it doesn’t fit in with the trends, just add an accessory or detail.

Happy Spring Shopping xx


    1. Author

      Thank You, I’m glad you likes it. I’ll be writing more blogs around shopping to add into these colours and your existing wardrobe xx

  1. Bicycle shorts are not for me but I’d give most of the trend a go. The colour info was very handy and I’ll be picking out what I already have in my wardrobe, thanks V x

  2. HI Vanessa great guide to Summer colours written with your humour as always. I hate beige but do have a pair of linen trousers from fat face in that colour. Changable weather not helpful at the moment. Any thoughts on what to wear for an August wedding of millenials? I have a green silk pair of jigsaw trousers and a floral dress to from FInery London to wear over with with kitten heels. Do people wear fascinators to weddings these days? P x

    1. Author

      Hi Pippa
      Thank you! Hats are very popular this season, so I’d say yes to a hat or fascinator. Love the sound of the silk trousers and the Finery dress too. I have had a few requests for wedding outfits, so I will be having a look this week, keep an eye on my stories Vxx

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