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Add a little sparkle to your Christmas with a sequin sweatshirt or jumper,  the smarter alternative to the enormously awful tradition of the Christmas jumper (yes, just call me the grumpy grinch).  I cannot think of anything worse than going to a Christmas party sporting a penguin or a snowman (or a fat bearded man with a bulbous nose and a ridiculous red hat) on my chest.  An item of clothing which will either be consigned to the back of the wardrobe, never to be worn again, or, at the very best to be given another outing the following year.  AS IF you’ll wear the same Christmas Creature twice.  Cost per wear – rubbish.  When did this fad start?  And can we call an end to it please?

Here is my perfectly acceptable alternative to the bloody terrible tradition of the Christmas jumper.  A glittery sparkle jumper or sweatshirt that you can wear casually with your jeans (or a skirt) and trainers, rocking your inner disco diva even when Christmas is over.

The Fully Committed Disco Queen

Sparkle in Zara Sequin Roll Neck


Top on my list of disco jumper lust is a Black Sequinned Roll Neck from Zara for £29.99.  I am visualising this one with black pleather leggings or skirt, jeans and about half the items in my wardrobe. This one will definitely get a lot of wear over the winter and won’t be for the party season only.  Having said this, I am also feeling some big love for Zara’s Contrast Metallic Sweatshirt for £49.99.  This metallic shiny sweatshirt will be a good all year round performer and is unlikely to date as quickly as some other shiny sweater options.


Sparkle in the Zara Contrasting Metallic Sweatshirt


If unleashing your disco diva with full commitment is on your agenda, then there are plenty of options to make sure that your sparkle and shine will be remembered long after the party is over, starting with the Mango Sequin Sweater  for £49.99.  This one is for the dance floor, but I would still use this sweater for many other nights out (or the school run with trainers if you dare, why the hell not, life is short, wear the spangle).


Sparkle in the Mango Sequin Sweater


Along similar lines you can try the Warehouse Sequin Disc Jumper for £46. It’s practically got the word disco in its description.

Warehouse Sequin Disc Jumper


Or, if you are partial to a disco ball boogie, then  the Mint Velvet Sequin Roll Neck   for £89 may tick all the boxes for you.


Mint Velvet Grey Sequin Roll Neck Knit

If you prefer your sparkle top to be slightly more classic, then the Wallis Black Sequin Jumper for £40,  the Oasis Sequin Tinsel Sweat for £38 or the Warehouse Sequin Velvet Long Sleeve Top for £42 may be the options to look at.  These are all classic pieces which you will be able to use for occasions year after year.

Wallis Black Sequin Front Jumper





Oasis Sequin Tinsel Sweat




Warehouse Sequin Long Sleeve Top




If you want to sparkle with a little less disco fever

If you want to sparkle with a little less disco vigour, then try the Mango Sequin Beaded Sweater for £49.99.  Not only is it a little less of the disco bling, but it offers you something other than grey or black (although it does come in black too).


Mango Sequin Beaded Sweater


Amazon Fashion gives you their ONLY Sequin Jumper for under £30 with just a little sparkle and sequin if you are looking for something with a subtle shimmer.

Amazon Only Sequin Knit Jumper


At & Other Stories you can find a Sparkling Merino Wool Sweater for £49.99 which gives you a little bit of shimmer, it’s understated enough to wear anywhere (if you are not ready for the full sequin school run look).And it comes in Burgundy to if you are looking for a little colour in your shimmer wear.

& Other Stories Sparkling Merino Sweater


And for just a little sequin placement, have a look at Topshop’s Cluster Embellished Jumper for £59.99.  It has just enough sparkle to add a touch of the festive season  shimmer to your outfit.

Topshop Cluster Embellished jumper




I think with jumpers and sweaters like these, we can leave the Christmas jumpers, with the crazy characters and the snowflakes,   to the kids.

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