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Those of you who have been following me for a while, or perhaps have read my About Me page, are likely to know that I am on a career break from being a Product Developer and Production Manager.  What does this mean?  As a product developer, I look at trend forecasts, the brand’s customer profile and then work with design teams to put together the ideas and proposals for each season’s range.  I manage the sourcing, the lead times and all technical aspects of turning the design into a wearable garment, ready to be sold. So it’s safe to say, I know just a little bit about clothes and their journey to your front door.

When my Sosandar package arrived and I unpacked the dresses, I have to be honest and say that the dresses looked much nicer than I anticipated.  Not that they didn’t look great online.  But how often do we order something online and it doesn’t look nearly as good as it did on the website?  I know I have.  Pretty often.

Better still when I tried them on.  The Sosandar technical teams know what they are doing.  I am very impressed.  Not just as a customer, but as someone with plenty of experience of fitting garments professionally.  A friend (fellow fashion professional) asked me to try them on for her, and her mouth quite literally dropped open.  “Wow” was her first response, and she may have repeated this a few times.

I ordered the dresses in size 10 and size 12, as I felt that, perhaps, I was on the on the cusp of the two sizes.  I normally wear a size 10, but with some well-known retailers’ erratic sizing of late, it made sense to try them both.  This aside, the dresses also looked quite fitted at the waist.  Because I am slightly longer waisted, the waist shaping of dresses often sits on my lower ribs, so they may be a little uncomfortable if they are tight.  And let’s be totally honest, there is also my rubbish weather biscuit eating compulsion.

I didn’t need the size 12 dresses, the size 10 dresses were absolutely perfect. Got to love it when you fit into the smaller sizes. In winter.  Bonus points from me straight away.

Blue Botanical Floral Tie Sleeve Dress

Sosandar Botanical Floral Dress

The Blue Botanical Floral Dress (£69) in size 10 fit me perfectly.  Even the waist, which is normally an issue for me,  is in the right place! Rarely happens. Perhaps because there are two seams, so somewhere between those two seams, not only does it fit in the right place, but it feels comfortable too.  The dress has pockets.  Extra points.  The pockets gaped ever so slightly, but it has nothing to do with the construction of the dress. It’s the biscuit girth.  A couple of sit-ups and fewer cakes will sort that out in no time.

The fabric, lining and detailing of the dress are all lovely.  This dress is definitely worth its £69 price tag, I think it’s actually very reasonable for what you are getting. It has a very swishy 1940’s feel about it, which I absolutely love.

Black and White Falling Dandelion Dress

Sosandar Dandelion Dress

The Black and White Falling Dandelion Dress (£69) dress is a perfect fit as well.  Like it was made for me. It comes with a narrow black belt which I am likely to switch to a brightly coloured belt to add a little colour pop. I couldn’t recommend this dress enough, it is likely to be one of those items that you will wear season after season, updating it with new colours and shoes.

Red & White Polka Dot Fit& Flare Dress

Sosandar Polka Dot Dress

The Red & White Polka Dot dress (£69) also fits beautifully.  Although I have to be honest and say that the frills, which don’t go all the way around the hem, confused me a little.  I wasn’t too sure that this works for me, but then I added my favourite leopard print belt and suddenly it looked amazing.  The belt brought the focal point back to my waist and makes the dress work for me again.  I anticipate wearing this dress on repeat through spring and summer.

Burgundy Spot Print Ruffle Fit & Flare Dress

Sosandar Burgundy Dress

The Burgundy Spot Print Ruffle Dress (£69) is again an exceptionally good fit. The paneling above the frill on the sleeve is a little noticeable when bending your arm, but it’s not restrictive or uncomfortable. The button loops at the neck and cuff are elasticated, giving it a little flexibility and movement. Very nice touch, it will help prevent the buttons from falling off as easily, as well as making it more comfortable. This dress is possibly a little short in the waist for me, not significantly, but my waist length is around 2-4cm longer than industry standard spec for waist length. Again, the use of the panel with the 2 seams is clever. If you’re short-waisted, the top seam may sit in your waist, if you’re longer in the waist, the bottom seam would sit in your waist.  The zip at the back does not go all the way to the top of the neck split, so there is a 2cm seam between the zip and the neck split that prevents you from stepping into the dress.  Not an issue.  You just need to remember to put the dress on before you do your hair.  Because this dress to me is a bit more of an occasion dress. I imagine wearing it to a day at the races (it does have that Pretty Woman vibe about it), to a wedding, or perhaps some other smarter event.

Blue Bird Print Tea Dress

Sosandar Bird Dress

The Blue Bird Print Tea Dress (£69) is consistent with being a great spec and fit.  The drop sleeve and shaping, combined with the fitted shape of the rest of the dress, does not suit my slightly wider shoulders that well.  I can visualise this dress on a friend who is a little more petite in the shoulder department.  The fact that she has blond hair and blue eyes would make this dress an absolute dream on her, but with my colouring and more weighty upper body, this dress does not suit me that well.  The Blue Bird dress is made of viscose, known for creasing.  The dress, however, came out of the box without looking too hideously creased, suggesting that it is a good quality viscose.  It will need ironing after washing though, but viscose tends to iron as easily as it creases.

All in all these dresses are fantastic value for the quality of the fit, fabric, and construction.  Totally recommend them.  Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I style these.

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