Chicwish Poppy Skirt

A skirt for all seasons and reasons

I’ve been a huge fan of the skirt for some time now.  Although I love a gorgeous dress as much as the next person, a skirt is infinitely more versatile for our somewhat unpredictable weather.  This aside,  there are so many ways you can layer it up to suit the weather and dress it for all occasions.

Last spring I added a yellow pleated skirt with a monochrome palm leaf and flower print to my wardrobe.  Whilst it was still cold and blustery outside, I added boots and a roll neck.  The minute the sun came out,  I wore it with  a t-shirt, denim jacket, trainers or sandals.   With this in mind, I decided to search for some more skirts similar to mine.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find a particularly inspiring selection of floral or printed maxi skirts, apart from the more expensive brands.   I am hoping that they are still to come, just about to arrive at a high street store near you.

In the meantime, here is a selection of skirts I was able to find, to buy if you can afford it, or to use as inspiration while you keep them peeled for similar beauties.   The skirt is fast becoming my top choice as a wardrobe winner for the foreseeable future, whatever your body shape or size.


The Brands


Burberry’s floral printed maxi from is a perfect mix of monochromes and brights which will work with many things in your wardrobe across all seasons.


Chloe Palm Farfetch

Not many of us will be able to afford this Chloe Palm Leaves skirt at the price of £2024 from Farfetch (really, is that a misprint, it’s a skirt!?), but use it as inspiration if you cannot have this particular one (which is probably the case for most of us).  The monochrome print makes it perfect to wear with your stripes, summer brights, but also the perfect skirt to continue wearing into winter with more muted tones and colours.  Vera Wang has been quoted saying “Let’s be realistic, how many people are buying a $2000 dollar skirt?  I love to design things that people can actually buy.”   Lets hope someone out there makes a similar one that the rest of us might be able to afford.

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti Maxi Skirt

Alberta Ferretti’s printed maxi skirt from Farfetch is a more bold option, but the blend of colours will still give you the option to wear this all year round.

 Tory Bunch

Tory Burch Barrington skirt

For a statement skirt that can be dressed for an occasion or worn with a t-shirt, Tory Burch’s Barrington tulle maxi is a good option (or source of inspiration) from

The High Street


Monsoon Floral Alanza Maxi Skirt

Monsoon has a few printed maxi skirts and the floral Alanza print maxi skirt (£45) is a striking option which is somewhere between the Burberry and Alberta Ferretti skirts.  It has an elasticated waist, so it will be comfortable to wear, even after a summer of indulgence or an enormous Christmas dinner.

Monsoon Chessie Chevron Skirt

The Chessie Chevron (£45) has a distinctly 70’s boho feel about it, but I love the colours and this skirt will look gorgeous with your summer tan sandals and a vest (add a denim jacket or khaki shacket), as well as a roll neck or a jumper and boots when it gets colder.  Not that we want to think about it getting colder before we’ve even had any warm weather, but it will happen and you will be ready for it with this lovely skirt.

New Look

Apricot Olive Paisley

On the less colourful scale I have found the Apricot Olive Green Paisley for £24 at New Look.  It will look perfect styled with denim, white shirts or even your favourite striped T.

Forever 21

Forever 21 Floral tiered maxi

This floral tiered seam skirt from Forever 21 is definitely a skirt for summer, but at £20 you can probably afford to pack this one away once the summer is gone, and it’s definitely a lovely option for your summer holidays.

Forever 21 Contemporary Floral Maxi

If you’d like your skirt to be versatile enough to wear all year round, then have a look at their Contemporary Floral Maxi for £16. For these prices, you can buy both!

Chic wish

So this is not high street, but it’s a website, with high street prices.  I have not ordered anything from them before, but with a skirt it’s fairly easy to order from a website as you only need to make sure that the waist is the right size and that the length works for you.  Although you can always shorten it, as long as it doesn’t have a border or detail at the hem.

Chicwish Poppy skirt

The Poppy full maxi skirt is a good alternative to the Tory Burch Barrington if you are looking for a statement skirt for a special occasion.

I have to admit that I was sorely disappointed with the high street offerings.  I found a few at Topshop and other retailers where the skirt had a side split.  Who wants a split when we still want to cover our pasty white legs?

We need more printed maxi skirts out there, preferably with a coordinating blouse so that we can style it like a dress on warmer  summer days, wear the blouse with our jeans on other days and have the skirt to wear how we wish on all those unpredictable weather days. I’m hoping that the best is yet to come and will keep looking for the perfect maxi skirts.  Let me know if you find any!




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