Customised embroidered shoes

In this video I show you how to make the embroidered mules which feature in my blog post, Embroideries for Spring and for Summer.

We’ve all seen and admired similar mules by Gucci, and although there are plenty of options on the High Street, they generally lack that luxury look that the designers achieve so well.  By customising a pair of mules yourself, you’ll end up with a  pair of shoes that definitely have the edge over the high street copies. It has a more unique and textured feel.

Sourcing to make your mules

I searched for my embroideries by using the search term “Flower Embroidery patches” and I found plenty of options on eBay.  I also found several options on Amazon, so have a look on there as well if the ones on eBay do not appeal.

The shoes were bought from Primark for £6, they had a few colours, so the world (or Primark at least)  is your creative oyster.    These mules are quite popular, you should have no difficulty sourcing a pair from a variety of shops.  The irony of my  statement about  reducing fast fashion is not lost here, but I didn’t have a pair of backless mules kicking about in my wardrobe and I still wanted to tackle this project.

You will need

A seam ripper

A glue gun – I have added the link to one listed as the Amazon bestseller, but there are many available to choose from.

A pair reasonably of sharp scissors

And last but not least, here is a little video tutorial featuring my rubbery eyebrows,twitchy face and the sound of the London police sirens and sound effects.




Enjoy creating your own shoes and do send me pictures or tag me on Instagram with your brand new handcrafted footwear

Vanessa x