Sew Voguish is a collection of my customising, sewing and upcycling projects.  These sewing and crafting projects are easy enough for anyone to attempt.  It will help you update your current wardrobe, at the same time reducing the wastage of fast fashion. It might only be a teeny, tiny bit, but every little helps.   You can have the most desirable fashion pieces for less money and a sense of achievement along with it.

As a product developer, I am always looking at forecasts and trends and with my experience in the garment and technical field I often have many ideas and innovations of ways to recreate designer looking items at a fraction of the cost.  Sometimes the customised project will cost the same as buying a similar item on the high street.  Generally it will be a nicer item, even if there isn’t much of a price differential to the high street offering,  but what you will gain in the satisfaction of having a unique item far outweighs the costs.  You are contributing to the environment by recycling and reusing at the same time as owning a   What’s not to love about this?

I hope that you will attempt some of my projects and would love to see the results of your work.

Wear it with pride, it’s yours and yours only.

Happy crafting and creating!