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Saint and Sofia: Ethical fashion with imaginative flourish

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Stumbling across new fashion brand, Saint and Sofia, days before my UK holiday, could not have been more perfectly timed. Planning a staycation in England can be a tricky undertaking. Firstly, the weather, highly unpredictable and often unseasonably erratic. Add to this, (very) limited packing space, and you’re left with a dilemma. Especially when lockdown snacking has made your waistbands more than a smidge tight. The sun dresses (eternal optimism) were covered, but I still had no idea what to pack for the peculiar variety of weather that had been forecast. Sorely tempted by their gorgeous dresses, I chose, instead, the well cut Shoreditch black culottes. Good for all weather, with anything. Dressed up. Dressed down. Smart, casual. All options rolled into one. And one perfect cabled cotton jumper to cover for the cooler days the English weather would throw at me.

Saint and Sofia
Saint and Sofia Cable Knit Sweater

Who are Saint and Sofia?

Saint and Sofia is a luxury brand with a studio based in London’s Southbank. Their creative inspiration comes from music, culture and art. They combine design with the science they have accumulated through careful research of their supply chain and manufacturing technology, The clothing is sleek and carefully crafted. The designs combine classic, yet very contemporary, looks.

The Sizing

When trying a new online brand, it’s always a challenge to work out what size to choose. Particularly when fridge raiding and snacking has widened the waist and you’re no longer sure what size you should be wearing. To be on the safe side, I decided to size up in the culottes. They are a little loose. But very flattering. On any other day (or any other year) I would have chosen my usual size. The cable knit is described on the Saint and Sofia website as oversized, armed with this information, I selected my usual size. And it does what is says on the tin. Soft, oversized and very comfortable.

Saint and Sofia Shoreditch Culottes

What makes Saint and Sofia Sustainable?

The first thing I noticed when receiving my parcel, was that all packaging was made from recycled and biodegradable materials. Because I worked for an ethical brand for a several years, I was interested to find out a little more about their ethical values and sustainability. Aside from their considerate approach to packaging, they are committed to using eco fabrics and reducing their carbon footprint through well researched and careful sourcing. In addition to this, they have an initiative to raise money and collaborate with other brands to plant new trees globally. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about their commitment to the environment, their sustainability page contains all the information you need.

Favourite items from the collection

Saint and Sofia Trench Coat
Beige Check Trench |Saint and Sofia
Sutton Sandal -Black |Saint and Sofia
Women’s Orange Jumper |Saint and Sofia
Southbank Skirt -Black Check |Saint and Sofia
Spitalsfields Trainer |Saint and Sofia

Keep an eye on my stories for more ways I’ll be styling my Saint and Sofia Vanessa xxx

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