100% Organic Cotton Ethically Sourced T-shirt

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This 100% Organic Cotton ethically sourced  Slogan t-shirt has been inspired by something that my daughter says to me when she is annoyed with me.  Sometimes she doesn’t understand or like the look on my face.  Perhaps she has difficulty making sense of the expression of emotion on it. But when she is angry, she doesn’t like my face.

We have been in a 7-year long battle trying to work out why she gets so angry and upset at little things.  Perhaps with more awareness and research, our journey would have been an easier one.  We have therefore created this t-shirt with which we will be donating £5 of the profits from the sale of each t-shirt  towards raising money for Autism Awareness

This is a unisex t-shirt for ladies and for men.

Guidelines for ladies’ sizing

Size XS is equivalent to an 8-10

Size S is equivalent to a 10-12

Size M is equivalent to a 12-14

Size L is equivalent to a 14-16

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