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Tuesday 11 September

I am trying to restrict my dress purchases, but whilst shopping for items on the “permitted list”, I came across the perfect, in my books, autumn dress in green with a slightly vintage-looking brown floral.  Adore it.  Can I justify it?


I was attracted to a yellow Y.A.S dress from Asos because I love the texture of the fabric, the colour,  all perfect for autumn dressing.  If it weren’t for my (unusually) long waistedness (is this even a word?), this dress would tick all the autumn boxes for me as it can be dressed up or down.


I was attracted to a brightly hued River Island zebra stripe dress for its colour and it’s pattern, but unfortunately, the style just isn’t for me.  In the votes on my Insta stories though, opinions were very split and some asked me for the links, so here it is.  Apart from the asymmetric hemline, the dress was also a little tight for me on the arms.

Thursday 6 September

With a little searching for the perfect coat and boots to be done, I’ve come across a few other items I love for autumn.

Love this pink River Island Cord Shirt which is great for layering all through the autumn and winter, the perfect update to a denim shirt and an ideal alternative if a corduroy blazer is not your thing.   It’s a very safe and easy corduroy piece if this is a fabric that you’re not sure about, it’s a fine corduroy with a very soft feel.  An then we haven’t even talked about the colour!


And here is the perfect leopard cami to wear with everything.  Team with your faux leather pencil skirt, coated jeans, blazers, bikers, denim jacket.  You can’t go wrong.


Monday 3 September

The kids are back to school. AT LAST.  How long were these summer holidays?  The same length as always, but it felt extra long to me.  With schools back this week, we obviously need to start thinking about packing away the summer clothes, having a clearout and working out what we need for autumn and winter. Sometime before Christmas, I started lusting after a pair of boots spotted on the Asos website, but with a hefty price tag (and more than enough shoes in my collection), I didn’t feel that I could justify them.  Today though, I found them, by chance, heavily marked down.   Straight into the shopping bag, they went, oh yes.  One happy camper glad to be home with WiFi again.

Thursday 9 August

Topshop does it again!  A dress I am going to lose sleep over because I haven’t bought it.

Wednesday 8 August

This was actually bought in my last Asos haul, but with the super hot weather, these terrific jeans only got their first outing today, and I LOVE them.

Monday 30 July

It’s been a little while since I posted on here, all with good reason which may become clear in some blog posts that are coming up.  But here we are again, back with my little shopping guide, things I’ve tried and liked.

Love the colours of this Asos Wrap dress, it’s bright and happy and perfect for my Instagram hashtag #colourcrazyme.   The fabric (polyester)  is very thin, so in spite of the long sleeves may be better suited for warmer weather, albeit a bit sweaty. In spite of this flaw, I’d still be very sorely tempted by this dress as it is so pretty.  The sleeves are a little bit tight at the elbow, there might be a little bit of a fit issue if your arms aren’t relatively slim, but it is mostly from the elbow down.

This Monki  jumpsuit is a great Summer to Autumn transition piece and bound to be useful for many seasons to come.  Love everything about it.

Tuesday 22 May

Got a lot of love for a red sundress on my Instagram stories, so have a look at this dress if you’re looking for something for the weekend.




Next Summer Weekend Dress

Wear with (not that I *NEED* any of these, but they will look amazing with this dress)




I have to say, if I saw this online I wouldn’t look at it twice, but it looks really good on.

Next Stripe Skirt



Thursday 17 May

Last week I had the time to pop into Topshop in Oxford Street and boy oh boy.  Do they have dresses?  For all sorts of occasions, reasons, no reasons, and just because we love a dress.  Here are a few of the dresses I tried and my thoughts. A little delayed because of a busy week of filming, but more about that coming soon


Gorgeous dress, I tried the size 10. It was snug, but it was incredibly flattering.  A little tricky to manouevre into the lining, but you could detach it once you have bought it to make it a little easier to get on an off.  Hurry, there isn’t much stock left online.  Or hot foot it over to Topshop now. I am 5’6, in case you’re wondering about the length. It would be gorgeous for a summer wedding or dressed down. Floaty and amazing.




Also loved their Jacquard Green Ruffle Dress.  It’s perfect for hot summer glamour.


Unfortunately, I picked up the wrong size, as usual mistaking the US sizing for the UK sizing.  Too many doughnuts eaten, they all live where my brain used to be. In spite of being too big, it is super lovely.  I’m planning to go back for this one as it’s very versatile.  But it comes in pink too. Which colour?




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