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Green Shirt Blues

I recently rediscovered a black pussy bow blouse that I bought at Miss Selfridge several years ago, BC (before children). Perhaps it was in storage whilst I engaged in the battle of the bust and waistline, but I can fit into it again and it is fast becoming my favourite item for most evenings out.

With the festive season in full swing, a pretty blouse is the perfect item to transform your daytime (work) outfit into a look which is ready for a few cocktails in a swanky bar, dinner with friends or a simple catch up in a pub.  Whatever your work dress code, you can wear it with your favourite pair of trousers, blazer and your ankle boots  (flats or pumps) during the day and switch to a pair of statement heels and a clutch,  ready for whatever the evening throws at you.  With a minimal amount of baggage to cart around with you (or leave under your desk to be forgotten there with your collection of mouldy lunch boxes).

Thus with Black Friday adverts filling all our social media screens, it’s the perfect opportunity to search for an additional blouse (or three) to add to our wardrobe for this perfect versatile look.  My search begins (slightly obsessively) with a bright green blouse (because it will look pretty amazing with my sequin embellished jacket).

Jewel Coloured Blouses

I love colour, so in my search for green I have found another few gorgeous jewel tones to spice up this simple look.





Neutral Blouses

If you’re opting for a neutral, don’t be afraid to spend a little more, it will never go out of date. If they are a little sheer, just invest in a good camisole to wear underneath.






Floral Blouses

I am loving a floral blouse with a pair of edgy heels to match highlights in the print. Here are some of my favourites, BUT at the time of the post, the Zara site, with my top choice, was down for Black Friday maintenance. WHAT? I may have to add that one later.






The main reason  I love this look so much, is you don’t have to wear tights. When you change into your sexy heels, you won’t need to shove that pair of tights you have worn all day into your handbag, making it smell like a hobo’s tent.   Or 3 days later when you find them in your desk drawer, making your work colleagues wonder if a small rodent has died in there.   And it’s won’t date as quickly as the sequinned and the sparkly items, you’ll be able to repeat this look for seasons to come.

Here I am in the favourite (golden oldie) Miss Selfridge blouse

Pussy Bow Black


If you need any shopping help, tailored to your needs, have a look at my Personal styling page, particularly the Remote Styling which is a new concept I have been working on  for a few months.



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