Good Things Come To Those Who Click

Over the weekend, whilst my friend was over for our weight training session, she mentioned that she had bought a few dresses from Shein.  She will be going to South Africa at the end of March, hence the eager weight training sessions when it’s so cold I just want to stuff my face with biscuits and burgers.  So completely justifiably, she needs a few summer frocks for her holiday of a lifetime.  I have shopped at Shein before, and quite probably introduced her to it in the first place, but I have forgotten about them over the last few months and not looked at their site in ages. After she whipped out her phone and showed me the dresses she had ordered, naturally, I had to go have a little mooch of my own. Perhaps with just a little wallet-straining consequence.

I have bought quite a few items from Shein before, most of them successful, with the odd piece not working out for me. One particular top was a little small (across the mum boobage), and another cross stained in the wash.  If you’re not sure what this means –  it is when the fabric is patterned with a dark and light colour, and the dark colour runs in the wash and stains the light colour.  It happens when the dark colour has not been treated correctly in the manufacturing process, but it can happen anywhere.  I have a Topshop skirt where the cross staining was quite tragic, and it cost a lot more than the Shein garments.

The fit of the garments are a little all over the place, but each item does have a size chart. In my experience, these size charts are pretty accurate.  Get your tape measure out, measure yourself and judge the length of the garment on the tape measure. When I received a top which was too small, I had decided to size down as I was on the cusp of two sizes.  In an instance like this, I would go with the bigger size (especially if you’re a bit of a curve endowed mama like me because I can’t keep my fingers out of the cookie jar).

The other small issue with their online store is that there is so much to choose from.  Where do you start?  Where do you stop?  How do you decide which items to choose from in the pages and pages of options?  I have spent a day and a half perusing the pages and categories. I have just about decided what I want to buy, but because of the sheer amount of time it’s taken me,  I decided to write this blog post to share a few of my favourite finds.  So you too can find some of the best items without it taking you two days.

















From my past experience with Shein parcels, I know that the standard delivery takes around 10 to 14 days, so don’t order something last minute and expect it to arrive for the weekend. If you aren’t sure what the quality and the fit of the garment might be like, then check the reviews, I find them quite useful.  Also remember, if you pay £15 for a dress, don’t expect it to be silk.  You get what you pay for, so it’s not going to be the highest quality of fabrics in some instances, but the garments look nice enough.  Again, check the reviews.  You get the odd grumpy disgruntled soul who will expect silk, but generally, the reviews can give you an inkling of what to expect.  I get plenty of compliments for a skirt which had been a dress.  I converted it to a skirt because it was a little short for me as a dress.  The fabric is pretty thin, but it hasn’t stopped me from wearing it on repeat.

If you’re thinking of ordering a few items, you are in luck.  Shein is running a few promotions with discount codes.   Shopping on a budget made that little bit easier with a little extra discount.


Good things come to those who clicks

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  1. Thanks for this blog hun, have just made a cheeky purchase thanks to you. Fingers crossed they fit xxx

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