Gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas for under £100

If like me, you get to this stage of December and you haven’t bought all your Christmas gifts yet, and panic is setting in at the prospect of elbowing your way through the throngs of shoppers swinging their bags in overheated shops whilst rivulets of sweat run down the inside of your legs into a damp puddle in your shoes, which were comfortable when you left the house.  Because you can’t take your coat off, your hands are full of shopping bags.  And you haven’t even bought half of what you need.

I suggest you sit down, grab a mince pie, a mulled wine, your laptop, put your feet up and get it delivered to your door.  If you do it during the early part of this week, then your gifts will arrive for Christmas without the effort of fighting the crowds. Or leaving sweat patches the size of Africa in the armpits of your favourite new coat.

Over the past few months, I have come across some wonderful new brands on Instagram, and I’ll be honest, these feature heavily in my gift guide.  Not because I am paid, or have any obligation to mention them, but because I have received some beautiful items, which I may never have come across.  So I’m sharing the love.  Christmas is all about giving (and mince pies).

Gifts for Her

The Foundry Design is a tremendous place to start, they have beautiful products across all price ranges, making it easy to shop and find a gorgeous gift, no matter what your budget is.  Below are just a few of my favourites.  Not much chance of me getting these from my other half, but be sure to send your nearest and dearest the links before it’s too late.



They have a new selection of leather pouches in an assortment of colours with leopard, red and silver being some of my favourites.  Also have a look at the lovely Dalmation Purse and their skinny belts for perfect smaller gifts.

Who doesn’t throw themselves into a New Year gym regime after a month of excess and indulgent food? Making a new sweatshirt or hoodie, to add a touch of glamour to the enthused vigour of the New Year  fitness regime,  the prefect present for those with passionate New Year  lifestyle goals.  Wear the Stars’ range of casual wear not only combines fashion and function with their distinctive star logo, but they are made from organic cotton and are ethically sourced. They also offer to monogram your garment, which adds the ideal personalised touch to these items as a gift.


Everybody loves something shiny and a few new pieces of jewellery never goes unappreciated.

Bella Jane Jewellery

I love Bella Jane Jewellery and you will be able to find many beautiful shiny things to suit any budget.  A few of my favourites are the Tassel Bracelet, Serenity Necklace and Serenity Bracelet.

Bella Jane Jewellery

Luxury slippers in the cold winter months are always appreciated and I can vouch for the ultimate comfort and warmth of Morlands Glastonbury.


For those ladies with busy lifestyles who are constantly juggling a million things, the perfect gift would come in the form of a luxury daily planner from Life Styled. These planners are truly beautiful.

Life Style Planners

Life Styled Luxury Planners £45


Gifts for Him

What do you buy the man in your life? Here are a few of the items that I love (and would be quite happy to receive myself!).

Huge love for this retro looking record player.  Who would not love finding this under the tree with their name on it?

Menkind record player

Attache Record Player £89.99


Don’t know about your partners, but mine is quite partial to his fitness regime and is always misplacing his earphones.



A music pillow! What a novelty.  He might not get much use out of it unless you get a his and hers.


For his phone, tablet or laptop, consider personalising a case or laptop skin for him from Caseapp. Also perhaps a perfect gift for those hard to buy for grandparents is if you put your favourite picture of their grandchildren on the customised case.  I’ve featured one of Caseapp’s designs.  A chessboard.  Wonder why?  Could I be swayed by the chess obsessed Calamity? They have any designs to choose from if you do not have your own favourite image to upload onto your customised case.



Will he ever buy his own slippers, or does he wear them until they smell like something that has crawled under your bed and died?  So in my view, a good pair of slippers will never go under appreciated.



These are just a few of the gifts I would be considering to buy as Christmas presents that are guaranteed to make the gift receiver very happy.   Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping xx


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