Chorizo Coated Chicken

Chorizo and Parmesan Chicken with Courgette Salad

I had some friends visiting from Australia over the summer  and naturally we went out for dinner on a Monday night.  Eighteen of us including the children, with everyone ending up back at ours for a (not) quick  drink. And thus my week started a bit festively and messily with a generous dose of overeating and going to bed far later than one should on a Monday night.  Inspiration levels on Tuesday.  Zero.  I had promised my guests a taste of gourmet delights cooked by my own fair hands, but the excess of the Monday night left me lazy and uninspired.  After failing to go to the supermarket, I was left staring dolefully at the meagre ingredients in the fridge and decided that the only option was the breaded chorizo and chicken dish I had experimented with once before.  It went down a storm and my friend requested the recipe.


Chorizo Chicken

4 Chicken Breasts

225g Cured Chorizo Sausage

2 Slices of Bread

50g Parmesan

1/2 tsp Sea Salt

1/2 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 tsp Mixed Herbs

100g Flour

1 Egg

100ml Milk

Olive Oil for frying

Splash of Red wine

Courgette Salad

2 Courgettes

140g Wild Rocket

50-80g Parmesan Shavings

1 Lemon

1 Tbsp Olive Oil



  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (350 F)
  2. Place the bread, half of the chorizo (roughly chopped) and the parmesan in a food processor and blitz until all the ingredients are combined into crumbs.  Spread these crumbs onto a plate or in a shallow container
  3. Combine the flour, salt and herbs and pepper and spread evenly onto another plate or in a shallow container.
  4. Beat the egg and milk together and pour into a shallow container
  5. Fillet the chicken breasts into pieces which are no more than 1.5cm thick
  6. Roll each piece of chicken in the flour, then in the egg mixture and coat in the chorizo and parmesan breadcrumbs.  Make sure  that each piece of chicken is well coated, patting the crumbs gently to help them stick.
  7. Coat your frying pan liberally with olive oil to ensure that the chicken does not stick and fry each side of the chicken until it is a light to medium golden brown.
  8. Place the pieces of chicken in a lightly oiled non stick frying pan and place in the oven fro no longer that 10 minutes. As the chicken has been filleted into thin pieces, it should be cooked through from the frying pan so you don’t want to leave it in the oven too long as the chicken will become dry and the coating may turn soggy.
  9. Chop the remaining half of the chorizo into cubes and place in a frying pan with a splash of red wine (about 100ml).  Once the chorizo has soaked up the red wine, set it aside.

Courgette Salad

You can prepare the salad in advance to avoid the your chicken becoming too dry in the oven, but it is quite quick to prepare.

  1. Slice the courgette into very thin rings.  I use my vegetable peeler for extra thin slices
  2. Combine the courgette slices, rocket leaves, parmesan shavings, the juice of 1 lemon and the olive oil and toss together.

Serve the chicken by topping it with the chorizo fried in red wine and the courgette side salad.


I often serve the chicken on top of  sliced mushrooms cooked with garlic butter and herbs.

This is a surprisingly quick, but very delicious meal to serve when you are stuck for time or ideas.  I have served it a few times, it’s a crowd pleaser.  Even my fussy children like the chicken.  But not so much the salad.






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