AW18 Shop your Wardrobe (part 2)

Before I launch into colour combinations you can play around with in AW18, I wanted to share an exercise that will help you with your wardrobe organisation.  This will help you choose the items you need to buy to give your wardrobe an update, withut buying too many things. Or hopefully, buying the wrong things

Organise your wardrobe

In my last blog post about colour, I suggested that you search your wardrobe for all the colours in the AW18.  Solid colours, florals, stripes, plain, knits, anything that matches back to thes AW18 colour palette.   If it’s an item that you didn’t wear or don’t like. ask yourself why.  If the fit was poor, or the garment made you feel uncomfortable in any way, throw it out.  You’ll never wear it.

If you just didn’t have that much to wear with it, here is what you do.

As an example, I am going to use a floral Zara blazer that I bought last year.  I didn’t wear it as much as I would have liked, but, this season, giving it a good look, I spotted that it contains a large proportion of the AW18 colours.    I have been thinking that I would love to buy a pair of corduroy jeans this winter, and have been thinking that I fancy a camel (Meerkat) colour.

Wardrobe analysis

Comparing the jacket with the AW18 Pantone colours, I was quickly able to identify all the relevant colours  by circling them in a template as shown above.  Once I had done this, I crossed out any trousers (or bottoms) I already have that match this jacket.  As you might recall, on my  AW wishlist, I wanted a pair of camel corduroy jeans.  How good would they look with this jacket? Then I realised that I have a pair of old (but infrequently worn) trousers in the Meerkat colour.  Try them on, they look good.  So ask myself, are camel cords the best option?  I also fancy it in the Mellow Rose pink or the Red Pear.  I could quite happily buy a pair of corduroy jeans in either of these two colours.   Along with cords, I also know that I would like to wear roll necks with this jacket.  I fancy a roll neck in the Mellow Rose.   This was already on my shopping list, so I know that it’s a good choice.

Once I’d completed this exercise, I moved on to the next item and did exactly the same, followed by the next.  That showed me, that  Red Pear corduroy jeans that would help me make the most of my wardrobe options.  A burgundy colour, by far, would not have been the colour I would have organically chosen if I were just out shopping without a plan.


Wardrobe planning

Snap on your phone, mark and make notes

You don’t need to  do it visually for each item of clothing, but if it’s easier for you to do, then try to use the Layout App that you can download on your phone.  You can take a quick picture of each garment.  Add the colour tiles which you can screenshot from here (or save from my Instagram post).  I used my Instagram stories to mark it with the pen function.  You don’t need to upload it, just save it to your photos.  There is no  need to do it with every item in your wardrobe, just identify a few key pieces that you would love to use more frequently.  You should end up with a well organised wardrobe and a very concise shopping plan.  I already know what I want to buy for the Christmas party season, and I haven’t even seen it yet.  It’s surprisingly quick to do, and it’s easy to save on your phone and handy to refer to when you are out shopping.

In the next blog in the series, I’ll start with the core colours and good colour combinations to play around with.  I will also talk about future colour trends to help you buy items that you might be able to use for several seasons.

If you have any questions or need tips or advice, just add your comments and I’ll get back to you with ideas.



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