About Me

I’m Vanessa and I like to think that I’m the Voguish part of Voguish & Calamity.  I call my husband Calamity because of his innate ability to find and create disasters and get into all sorts of calamities.

I love fashion, he loves chess.  We both love food.  He has no part in writing or creating this blog, apart from giving me some amusing material to write about.

I have worked in fashion for 18 years in many different positions including retail, sales, garment technology, production,  product development, buying and styling.

I learned to make dresses before I went to design school thanks to growing up with two wedding dress makers ( grandmother and mother), which also means I was designing my own clothes from the age of eight.  Lucky me!  I don’t design as much as I would like to these days, probably because I can’t sew fast enough to create all the outfits I want to wear.  Luckily I  live in London where there are so many pretty things to buy.  The perfect place for a compulsive shopper and fashion addict.